Conception Junction Pallasite, Mo.




General Questions:

If you are not placing an order and have a general question, contact us directly via email.


All specimens are exchanged on a first-come, first-served basis. If the item you requested is no longer available, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Returns will be accepted on all specimens within three weeks of receipt, assuming the specimen is returned in the condition it was originally shipped. In the event of a return, shipping expenses and a 5% restocking fee would be the responsibility of the buyer.


All specimens were cut with a diamond wire saw and dry polished by Marlin Cilz at the Montana Meteorite Laboratory. Dry polishing added to the finishing costs, but all test specimens housed with desiccants or in a desiccator cabinet for over one year have been free of rust. Several test specimens were intentionally housed in a humid southeastern USA climate without desiccation during the same period; only one experienced some minor rusting, which was easily removed. In spite of these test results, we do not yet know how these specimens may respond to different environments. We obviously stress that proper curation methods (including desiccants) be utilized with Conception Junction specimens, as they contain a significant amount of iron, which will of course rust if not properly maintained in many terrestrial environments. As is generally the case with most pallasites and many other meteorites, the buyer assumes responsibility for proper specimen curation and/or any refinishing that maybe required at some point in the future.




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